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We Usaually send notification before suspending any account.But sometime we may suspend account without any notification on the critical situation.However, You can un-suspend your account easily by contacting with our technical team.But if you do the following thing in our server we will permanently suspend your account


1.Any kinds of hacking activity

2.Hosting any application/Website which use server resources directly to give output for example, Image editor, Image Cropper Etc.

3.Uploading vulnerable script which may become the target of the hacker

4.Uploading shell/warez/nulled/Porn site or script

5.Any Kinds of Downloading/Uploading/File Sharing sites are not allowed in shared hosting

6.Sending Mass Email/Spam Email using webmail or scripts

7.Doing Bad behaviour with our stuff, giving any kinds of threat, altercate with agents.

8.Using wrong information on GPortal

9.No MLM/PTC/ADS VIEW MONEY EARNING or ANY kinds of Advertisement/task based money earning type sites are not allowed.


As a service provider we keep full right to terminate, suspend, cancel any service anytime and all the user must abide the mentioned rules above , if we suspend any account you will not get any kinds of refund.

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